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Cheap Picasso – Xile Clothing mix


THW xx


Les Misérables


Last Saturday dangerous unicorn and I decided to go and see Les Misérables at the Dominion cinema in Morningside as we’d heard good things about it…

Happily we were not disappointed, either with the film or the cinema. The Dominion looks, and feels, more like a theatre than a cinema where you are greeted by some very smart p, tuxedo(d?) young persons of various genders. I also loved the fact that you sit on individual couches! Oh, and you get free Pringles!! And their Gin and Tonics were good too!!! But lest it be said that I only write good things so the negatives were….erm…bad things…think, godammit!…the parking is bad…?

Anyway, onto the film. As this is the first time I’d seen or heard Les Misérables in any guise, I was completely stunned by the brilliance of the score. Fair play to all the actors for singing their parts, I don’t think anyone could be faulted. Particularly, I thought Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman were the two standout performances. I really, REALLY recommend you go to see this film. Particularly, at the Dominion (if you can, obvz, I mean, I’m not suggesting you travel all the away over from Saudi Arabia just to see Les Misérables at the Dominion. I mean, it’s good, but cooooommmmeeee ooooonnn that’s just silly talk. Pft).


The Magician – Magic Tape 29


The Magician has dropped his first magic tape of 2013 and its another beauty! Having listened to it twice already, I’m sure this is going to be on repeat over the next few weeks!

Listen to the mix here

Tracklist below, courtesy of La. Ga. Sta

01. Jagwar Ma – The Throw
02. Du Tonc – Darkness
03. Jack Fell Down – There For Me
04. Pablo Fierro – I Want It
05. Moon Boots – No One
06. Ross Couch – Holding On
07. Miguel Puente – Small Proposition (Mat.Joe’s Gangsign Remix)
08. Waze & Odyssey – Be Right There
09. Mercury – The Man
10. Bebe Black – Deathwish (Ejeca Remix)


Haim – Don’t save me

This song is amazing.  I mean, I must have played this at least a million times today.  At least.

Also, check out the Cyril Hahn remix which is pretty blinding too.


Spinning with LifesCycle…your body, your bike

So, as I mentioned earlier I’ve started spinning classes @ LifesCycle and I LOVE it.  Like, seriously, I love it.  I love it sooo much that sometimes I roar during the class (lions got nothin’ on me). More about that later…

But back to spinning, and LifesCycle.  You can check out their website here. Honestly, I can’t really recommend them highly enough. My favourite classes are with Andy (one of the owners) as they are an Ibiza inspired audio-visual experience with strobe lights going off in all directions to the soundtrack of pounding, pounding techno music.

Anyway, enough talking, see for yourself what you’re missing with this video below…


Over Christmas and New Year I decided to have a big clear out of my clothes.  Some of which have literally not seen the light of day in (at least) 2 or 3 years.  Whilst doing so, it struck me that I pretty much wear the same clothes, week in week out.  Boring right?  Yeah I totally agree.  I therefore resolved to change this…

I’d had my eye on Millionhands website for a long time, as I really loved their dance music inspired t-shirts.  It seems that Millionhands is a side project of the musician Tom Mangan and the website ‘bio’ states that they are “a unique British label specialising in boutique music merchandise…that create quality tees and sweats for people that like stylish wares and who love music.  As well as producing our in-house designs, we often collaborate with record labels, artists and graphic designers. Recent collaborators include Warm, Phonica, Greco-Roman, Joe Goddard, Planet E, Crosstown Rebels, Tsuba, Heavenly Recordings, Smalltown Supersound, acid House hero Adonis and Eskimo Recordings.”

Anyway, I wasn’t in the market for t-shirts but rather a jumper, when I came across this beauty.

After a very quick checkout process, and delivery, the jumper was truly mine.  I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the garment.  Warm, comfortable, and cool as fuck: in essence, everything you want from a jumper!  They also offer 10% off to all new followers, with further discount codes being sent out often too.
Nice work MH, keep it up!
Check out Millionhands or tweet them @millionhands

Elite O3one Endurance Chamois Cream

Since this is my first post of 2013, I suppose I should say happy New Year!

Given the pretty crappy weather we’ve been having recently, I haven’t been out on the bike so much (read: at all) since mid-December.  Fear not, though, readers as your inteprid reporter has found a new obsession – spinning classes at LifesCycle! I’ll be writing some more about LifesCycle in another blog post, however for the time being I want to talk to you about chafing. Yes, chafing. Stop sniggering away in the back you two.

Anyway, I’ve been finding that after spinning classes, I’m pretty tender in certain places. So, I did some research and decided to try out Elite O3one Endurance chamois cream as it had great reviews online (see this excellent review @  So I purchased it from Wiggle and I have to say, after using it for the first time on Saturday morning, I am hugely impresed with this cream.  Unfortunately, I can’t compare it to any other creams (as I haven’t tried any) but what I can say is that it does the job:  stops/reduces friction.  As it has peppermint oil and other mentholated ingrediants, it also gives a *nice* tingly feeling which certainly ensures that you, are, um, awake.

So, if like me you are suffering from soreness after cycling, why not give your body a break and give this a try…you might just like it 🙂

You can buy it here